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Image of Excella STX Check Readers
The Magtek Excella STX utilizes a single-feed check operation which allows for a compact design with feature-rich options: it prints on the front and the back the check ...

Image of Excella Check Readers
The Magtek Excella scans both sides of a check at once, allowing users to process checks, print endorsements and more quickly and easily. The Excella can process batche ...

Image of MICRImage Check Reader Check Readers
The MICRImage Check Reader with optional Magnetic Stripe Readers meet the challenges of speed and accuracy in the most demanding environments. Daily, thousands of busin ...

Image of MICR Plus Check Reader Check Readers
The Magtek MICR Plus Check Reader is the most efficient, compact, and affordable check MICR reader in its class. The MICR Plus Check Reader, a versatile tool, is the pe ...

Image of Mini-MICR Check-Stripe Reader Check Readers
The Mini-MICR Check-Stripe Reader reads checks in numerous formats plus it comes with the added bonus of reading magnetic stripes.

Image of Mini-MICR Check Reader Check Readers
The Mini-MICR Check Reader is small in size and economically priced. It can read checks in numerous formats. It has a small footprint and a high accuracy. Great basic c ...

Image of Parts Check Readers
Productos y partes de MagTek.

Image of MagTe kExcella MDX
Excella MagTek de MDX es un lector de cheques compactos y escáner a doble cara que ofrece una alternativa rentable para implementar aplicaciones electrónicas basadas en ...

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